801 Labs

Members gain the benefit of bing part of a great group of people and friends. Members gain priority access to official 801labs training events (*subject to change) based on availability, our private file share, laser cutter and other specialized equipment after the completion of safty and use training. Members can use the space's soldering irons when a key holding member is present.

All memberships subscriptions above $50.00 come with key access to the hackerspace. Although most of our events are open to the public, we rely on members to support the hackerspace and keep the lights running. All memberships are due monthly

Monthly Standard Membership - $50.00

Gets you keys to the hackerspace and access to all member benefits such as paid events like ctfs and campouts

Porta Lan

Monthly Supporter Membership - $25.00

Supporter memberships are a way of saying thank you to 801labs. It helps us run the space and gives you access to paid events.

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter Usage for Members Only @ -$0.10 A minute

All Membership gain access to the Laser Cutter once they've completed the training required to run it. How To Video