801 Labs
Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No! 801 Labs is a community based hackerspace that was setup to provided a place for the community of Salt Lake City to meet about technology and host events.

Answer: Yes! All events require an active member with good standing to manage and run events. If you would like to host a event talk to a member about it. Additionaly a member is required to stay at the space for the entire event.

Answer: Depends Check the Event Calendar The hackerspace is open when ever a key holding member is at the space and keeping the door open for the public. The best night to come by is on Thursday nights during hangout night.

Answer: 801 Labs is a hackerspace DC801 is a user group. DC801 is a user group open to everyone, 801 Labs is a hackerspace which is a physical space that survives off of hackerspace memberships to keep the lights on.