801 Labs

A Community Hackerspace of
Information Technology, Electronic, and Information Security Enthusiasts

What is a Hackerspace?

801 Labs is a hackerspaces created by the members of DC801 that was formally TransistorSLC. 801 Labs was created to be a center for peer learning and knowledge sharing, in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. We also offer social activities to the community and our members, such as game nights and parties. Hackerspaces can be viewed as open community lab incorporating elements of workshops and/or studios where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge.

Interest of the members of 801 Labs

Core interests in the attending group included: InfoSec, Security, Information and Physical (lockpicking, etc) Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Servers, etc Ruby, Javascript, C++, PHP, etc Metaploit, Wireshark, Nessus, NMap, Netcat, and so on Linux, BSD, Unix, (even windows), etc Arduino, Pic, Arm, Propeller, etc Automotive, Microbrewing, etc


801 Labs holds public meetings periodically which includes theme nights, classes, CTF events, and other projects. You can reach us on freenode at #801labs, #DC801, or on reddit.

The Transistor & 801 Labs Meetup Page
DC801 Reddit
Free Node Web Client
@801Labs Twitter
801 Labs You Tube
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Internet at 801 Labs provided by Century Link

801 Labs is located in the middle of Downtown SLC. Between the Twilite Lounge and Crown Burger.

801 Labs
353 East 200 South Suite #B
Salt Lake City, UT 84111